Thursday, 12 June 2008

P6 legal implications of using and editing graphics images

P6 legal implications of using and editing graphics images

Copyright protects creative or artistic work and you are only allowed to copy or use copyrighted work with the owners permission. The UK Copyright service allows people to register their original work (examples: music, websites, designs and logos, photographs and artwork etc). The service supports international copyright protection by securing independent evidence that will help prove originality and ownership in any future claims or disputes. When protecting your original work, it should be marked with: Copyright ©, the years it was published, the name of the owner.

Copyright free images can be used by anyone and some can be found off search engines. If they are Copyright free, they are not registered with the Copyright service and do not have the Copyright logo on etc.

Gaining permission is asking the owner who created the original piece of work if you can have it or take elements from it. Gaining permission can also involve people signing forms to show that they have agreed to this.


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